The Mayor

Jeannette Matelot

I am 70 years young and could be described variously as plump, overweight, bonnie or just fat. I know I could join a slimming club  and lose weight fairly rapidly. I also know i could put it all back on and possibly more. I decided I wanted to lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy heart.  I began training with Martin in November but with other pressures and Christmas I wasn't fully committed. It was a warm up. Back in Blighty in January I started to train with Martin regularly and committed myself to a course of training. It was tough, and still is, but the results have made it so worthwhile. No faddy diet. I am eating better food but maybe less of it. I reached my first target two weeks ago and on the way to my next in time for summer. The results: I have lost 9kg (20 lbs in old money) in five months, without dieting, just cutting down, with lots of exercise and, most importantly, the motivation I get from Martin. 


Fit4 Life

Helen Cooke

So 6 months in and I have to say I am addicted.

I have been training regularly for years, but usually alone.  Since taking up PT sessions with Martin he has been able to push me way over my limits to gain the best results I can.  I never know what to expect when I turn up for the hour, but you can guarantee it will be varied, challenging and will leave you exhilarated afterwards.  He is extremely motivational and is committed to achieving every client’s personal goal.  Alongside his ability to challenge you in the gym, he has a huge knowledge of nutrition and how our body uses the fuel we intake. Through Martin’s determination to help me succeed,  I am getting stronger and fitter, running faster and have lost some of that unwanted body fat.  The blood, sweat and tears are definitely worth it. 


The 4 p’s


Martin has the 4 x Ps in buckets! He has proven to my willing mind and not so willing body that miracles do happen! I gave Martin a 4 x week target to get me looking and feeling better before I hit the beach. He achieved both goals with results I never dreamed possible. Martin is a great chap with an easy, friendly personality – but he kicks butt! He was very helpful with my food diary and planning, providing nutritional guidance and parameters. Moreover, the PT sessions were strategically planned and targeted to get fast, effective results. For all that’s been achieved, there’s no doubt Martin needed patience with me! If you’re considering your first PT experience or looking for someone who has the 4 x Ps and will listen to what you’re striving for, then Martin is the person for you – no doubt! My PT training continues…..

VB, Princes Risborough


The Ex-Rugby Player

Richard Matthews

'I came to Martin in order to kickstart a fitness regime, as an ex-semi pro rugby player I had become overweight since stopping playing at a high level and lacked the motivation to train regularly; I had become fat and, like many, I wanted to see results fast. In a little over 6-weeks Martin has helped me transform my body composition and, as a consequence, my general well-being and self-esteem. Martin has provided the structure and mechanisms, through a bespoke and phased fitness plan based upon sports science, that has enabled me to lose around 10% body fat and increase increase lean muscle mass. He has also been a source of motivation to keep improving and attaining personal goals. '


The business women & Mum

Tory Cassie

I first made contact with Martin when I saw him running with another client and found his web page. Seeing Martin outside with that client made me realise that I was not going to get fit and loose the weight alone. It also made me realise that personal trainers don’t mean you have to join a gym and do ‘routine’ workouts.

When I first met Martin, I was not a content person and this was partly down to the fact that my self-esteem was an at all-time low; juggling work and family. Looking back now, I had used up all the excuses not to get my trainers on and get out there! Having had experience of personal trainers in the past, I was sceptical that this was going to be another fad and it would last a few months – I was wrong. After the first session I realised that Martins approach was very different, it was about having fun whilst working hard.  I have been training with Martin for over 3 months now and every single session has been different; they range from inside and outside, boxing and weights and personal challenges which give each meeting a sense of anticipation. Even recently we worked with a sledge hammer! I have not only seen a weight loss of 1.5 stone and a complete change in body shape, but the confidence and spark has returned. I look forward to each session and challenge that Martin sets – although they are intense, tough and hard work, it’s an hour that is my hour with no distraction from work or small children! What sets Martin apart from other trainers, is not only the variety of workouts but the contact on days when we don’t meet, to ensure that I have completed my run and continued to watch my diet.

On reflection of the change in myself both physically and mentally I would recommend Martin to anyone who wants to make a difference to themselves whether to tone up, lose weight or gain motivation and confidence.


The Dodgy Back

Martin MaCarthy

I am a 53 year old Chap from Thame

Since training with Martin King he has, against all odds, made me lose weight, and gain confidence in pushing myself harder. Martin has  given me the incentive to continue with my weight loss and has motivated me to continue with the gym on my own as well.

Martin has been fantastic in working around my various back problems, giving me appropriate exercises allowing me to carry on with the gym without causing injury to myself. In all the years of back pain in the past, visiting chiropractors etc, I have found working with Martin much more beneficial and fun, what’s more he will advise you on what you shouldn’t eat. I will still continue to work with Martin King to carry on achieving my goals and with lots of the usual cheeky banter it makes for a session one can enjoy. I would recommend Martin to anyone, even with a dodgy back, and his corny jokes.

Martin McCarthy.


The Troublesome tum

Local business man

I started training with Martin King in February 2013. I had recently been diagnosed with a form of arthritis and IBS and was slightly depressed at the thought of becoming restricted from exercise due to these health issues.

After an initial consultation with Martin he very quickly understood my situation and advised changing my diet, not a drastic change, just a gradual improvement that increased my energy levels and greatly helped my IBS.. 

From the outset of starting my training Martin grasped what I enjoyed, pushing me to my limits but knowing when I had reached my maximum effort,  in fact no two training days are ever the same....even after 8 months....Martins  knowledge of health and fitness is incredible. 

I have managed to lose over 6kg, the exercise has helped my Arthritis and IBS as well as reducing stress, the exercise has aided my sleep – I honestly feel the best I have ever felt 

I would recommend Martin to anyone who is thinking of employing his services...A really professional, honest, hard working individual who will help you achieve your fitness/health goals


The Biggest loser

Theresa Williams

15 Months ago I started having personal training sessions with Martin, since having these sessions I have found my fitness levels have improved greatly.  My running ability is so much better.
Along with healthy eating I have lost 21lbs and also lost 5inches around my waist.
Martins PT sessions are always fun and the workout programme he sets you is full of verity, they are tough but the results are amazing and well worth every minute of sweat.
Martin can also help give you advice on nutrition which i found helpful along side my exercise plan.