Get Active Stay Positive

Get Active Stay Positive

Get Active Stay PositiveGet Active Stay PositiveGet Active Stay Positive

Who Are We?


My name is Martin 

What makes me different? 

I’ll take your fitness goals seriously. If you succeed, so do I!

I have been in the game for over a decade. In that time I've witnessed some amazing transformations and seen numerous people grow, both mentally and physically. That’s not to say I haven’t been challenged. I fully understand that change isn’t easy or simple. The fact is it's not impossible. All you need to do is believe that change is possible and be willing to lunge forward one day at a time.



Personal trainer Level 4

Strength & Conditioning coach Level 3 

Precision Nutrition coach

Crossfit/ Insanity & Metapwr instructor

I’m qualified to help GP referred clients with ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, COPD.........

I’m also a lower back specialist

Pelvis Biomechanic's Coach (CIMSPA)

IMovefreely certification for sports injury prevention.

Strength Conditioning Level 4 (Ongoing)



Your success is our goal.

Set the unachievable yet achievable goal. Having direction and setting a target is key to fitness and life transformation. When we begin to imagine the unimaginable great things can happen. 

King’s Law:

”Above all else, you have to want it”


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Bodybyking Live

Personal Training

Personal Training


Stuck at home, with limited to no equipment don't worry. We've got it covered. Bodybyking Live starts April 1st 2020. With Multiple options to choose from including 121 & classes a plenty You'll be spoilt for choice.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training


Your quickest route to total body transformation Find out more about personal training with Master Trainer Martin King: BSc Pn1. 

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Personal Training

Bodybyking Classes


Start your  journey from home with a bespoke Bodybyking training plan Contact to find out more.

Bodybyking Classes

Bodybyking Classes

Bodybyking Classes


Burn fat, build lean muscle and  join like minded people. Classes do Vary sessionally so watch this space.



Bodybyking Classes

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