What’s it all about?


Meet Martin King?

Martin King is the wildly popular Personal trainer & Firefighter in Thame, curator of Skiip & Bodybyking. Martin has studied & crafted the Bodybyking method over 10 years to achieve awesome results, inspired by the greats Mark Twight, Charles Poliquin, Kelly Starrett & Rachel France 

Martin has designed a training style thats both innovative, varied & fun. No session is ever the same as Martin states progressive variety is key to adaptation, development and ultimately positive change. 

That’s the pretty bit the reality is Martins just like you. He tries as best he can to be a good dad, supportive husband,  pay the bills and inspire, he has dog days, amazing days & days he just wants to eat cake & have a beer yet within the rolloercoaster of life  he maintains a consistency of remaining fit for life! Martin is an ambassador of the 80:20 rule: Train hard, eat right, work hard but more importantly remember life is for living so enjoy every day. 

“No one saves us but ourselves.No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path”



That’s what you’ll learn with Martin his Trainings real, in your twenties you can train twice a day but the pressures of life will influence how you train as you get older. Whilst training with Martin he’ll set achievable goals that challenge you both mentally and physically.

Kings Law: “Train your mind and body to push beyond your percieved limits.”


Martin wasnt always a trainer he spent his earlier years as a cocktail bar tender, club manager & hotelier it was only after hitting rock bottom drinking 6 nights a week  did he realise things had to change. 

After some soul searching whilst travelling the world did he decide a healthier more balanced life was needed. So on return to the UK Martin became a firefighter and personal trainer, the rest  is Kettlebells & field fires. 

“I Don’t expect you to be perfect, I’m not!, just aim to be better than yesterday”

Martin King Bsc Pn1 


Where will we train?

We will train in an environment thats comfortable & suitable to your needs. We have The Garage for all your Strength Conditioning needs, we have the local pathways, parks and roads for urban physical. We can also bring the gym to you.

The fact is the world is our playground. 

King’s Law “Once we forget our excuses, anything’s possible” 

When your not with Martin you’ll still be connected via the Bodybyking portal. Just log in via the app and follow your bespoke plan we also have the ability to go live.


What will we do?

We will do all that is needed to achieve the results you want. As an experienced strength coach rest assured we can hit the weights safely and effectively. If your looking to run Martin will build you up to Marathon level & beyond. If you require rehabilitation we will work to stabilise and strengthen. Martin‘s a man who loves a spreadsheet your lifts, rows, runs & stats will be recorded and stored on the portal for you to monitor & reflect. 

Training with martins like popping open a Pringle once you hit your first goal youll be discussing whats next. 

The Garage

What is The Garage

The Garage is an area we use to get fit when’s the rains beating down. The Garage is a non invasive environment where you can train without feeling intimidated or judged, 

The Garage is Martin’s first studio in Thame its been fitted out with all the equipment needed to get you fitter, leaner, stronger, faster

At the Garage we have:

  • Cardio equipment: Treadmill, Water Rower, Zwift compatable Turbo Trainer for all your cycling needs. 
  • Boxing bag, gloves, mitts & ropes.
  • Functional equipment: Battleropes, powerbags, Kettlebells, Slam balls, Ab roller Sledgehammer, TrX, Plyo box 
  • Strength Equipment: Squat rack, 250kg bumper plates, 100kg of Dumbbells, Trap bar, Ez bar, D-bar, Cable machine, multi angle bench, Pull up bar, Landmine.
  • Rehabilitational: Bosu, dynabands, Voodoo tape, Kinsiology tape, step, hand & body roller, Thumper & lacrosse ball
  • The Funky stuff: Surround sound, Bodycomposition monitor,  massive window aka the electric door.  

Rest assured there isn’t a training style we can’t  smash out in the Garage. 


The Bodybyking Portal

  • An Online fitness community to help motivate and stay the course.
  • Over 100 workouts and programs to keep you fighting fit and engaged.
  • Food tracking to identify your food habits with food plans to suit all bodytypes, ages and goals. 
  • Progress tracking: Bodyfat %, Bmi, Hip & waist, Muscle percentage, Metabolic age, Visceral, 9 point Calliper testing..... 
  • Daily and weekly rewards 
  • Online Booking system 
  • All accessible via your phone 24/7