Join us at Racquets fitness centre every Tuesday at 6:05pm for Skiip. Skiip is a one of a kind class designed to burn fat & chisel abs using just body weight and a skipping rope. Max 12 people per class. 

Book today: 07990074366


Southern Road Circuits #NotaBootcamp

If your looking for a class designed to sculpt and tone lean muscle come join us at the Southern road field in Thame every Saturday at 10:05am. This isn’t a Bootcamp, I’m not in the army, I don’t shout, i do however monitor your form to ensure proper technique. Saturday circuits is for everyone familys, kids, granny! Everyone’s welcome.

Get hands on with battleropes, kettlebells and so much more. Max 20 people per class. Book today: 07990074366


IMove Freely

Coming March 2019

Prevent Injury, train effectively