Lost Over 3 stone
Name: Tory Cassie
Occupation:Sales Manager
Fat Loss:26 pounds

Tory’s Story

I first made contact with Martin when I saw him running with another client and found his web page. Seeing Martin outside with that client made me realise that I was not going to get fit and loose the weight alone. It also made me realise that personal trainers don’t mean you have to join a gym and do ‘routine’ workouts.


When I first met Martin, I was not a content person and this was partly down to the fact that my self-esteem was an at all-time low; juggling work and family. Looking back now, I had used up all the excuses not to get my trainers on and get out there! Having had experience of personal trainers in the past, I was sceptical that this was going to be another fad and it would last a few months – I was wrong. After the first session I realised that Martins approach was very different, it was about having fun whilst working hard.  I have been training with Martin for over 1 year now and every single session has been different; they range from inside and outside, boxing and weights and personal challenges which give each meeting a sense of anticipation. Even recently we worked with a sledge hammer! I have not only seen a weight loss of over 2 stone and a complete change in body shape, but the confidence and spark has returned. I look forward to each session and challenge that Martin sets – although they are intense, tough and hard work, it’s an hour that is my hour with no distraction from work or small children! What sets Martin apart from other trainers, is not only the variety of workouts but the contact on days when we don’t meet, to ensure that I have completed my run and continued to watch my diet.


On reflection of the change in myself both physically and mentally I would recommend Martin to anyone who wants to make a difference to themselves whether to tone up, lose weight or gain motivation and confidence.


tory Before


tory after

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