Lost 2 Stone
Occupation:Royal Mail Operations Director
Fat Loss: Lost 2 Stone

Rob’s Story

Just after Christmas at 52 years of age, 15 stone 7 pounds and feeling totally lethargic and pretty bad about myself, I decided to do something about it.

Martin King came to my rescue. I engaged with Martin and our first meeting he taught me about nutrition. How to eat healthily rather than start dieting and helped me understand that sugar was the real enemy. My eating habits quickly transformed – I was enjoying foods like never before and indeed eating foods I thought I didn’t like!

Next came my exercise routine. I travel a great deal with work and so always had a great excuse, well no longer. Martin designed exercise routines tailored for me, very flexible and versatile so no matter where I was – so no excuses anymore.

Throw in a bit of my own motivation and just 4 months later I weighed 13 stone 5 pounds but most importantly I look and feel like a completely different person. I am fitter than I have been for many years and I know my internal health is vastly improved as i’m no longer on Blood pressure medication & my cholesterol is now in the healthy range .

As well as really knowing his stuff, Martin is also a really genuine nice guy. Very easy to get on with and he keeps in regular touch in between our weekly sessions.

There is no doubt that my transformation would not have happened without Martin.

So – what are you waiting for!





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