Muscle Gain
Fat Loss:Didn't use the scales
Muscle Gain:Didn't use the scales

Maxime’s Story

So I started seriously training two years however I didn’t follow a programme and I began to feel a little lost.  When I started to train with Martin it opened a whole new way of training as well as thinking!

At the beginning he took a great deal of time and energy to understand where I was at and what I need which included asking me to write down all my food habits. It was at this stage that I realised that there was more to being healthy than just exercising. It wasn’t just about training hard but also eating the right food, getting enough sleep and allowing your body to rest.  Also to succeed I needed to be organised!

Right from the start and throughout the 3 month period that I trained with Martin I was educated about how I should train and eat to achieve my goals. I was astounded with the speed of the results. In just 2 months I had the signs of a six pack for the first time in my life. I feel strong and healthy.

I am moving forward with a much more positive attitude. Martin really opened my eyes and set me the right road to follow for further results.  I now know what is possible and most importantly how to enjoy the experience.


maxime beforeB&W


maxime afterB&W

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