Lost 9kg of Body fat
Occupation:Business Man
Fat Loss:1.5 stone

Jon’s Story

After having blood pressure issues and working long hours, I was told by my Doctor to lose a bit of weight which I wanted also do myself.

So I tried the usual thing – joined the gym and went for a few months but got bored quickly. So I decided to take up cycling with my son in the Summer which felt great, but I wanted to do more. I work hard running my own business and travel a fair bit so I knew that what I really needed was somebody to train with and encourage me.

Then I met Martin in October 2015. I told him what I wanted to achieve. He created a specific programme for us to work from which was a refreshing change as I wasn’t keen on just doing gym based work outs. We sat down together and worked through the food programme which is not a diet – I basically had to just start watching what I was eating. The programme also works well with my travelling aboard.

We go running in Thame and often head to the park for a boot camp style work out. I like this as Martin uses what is around us which makes every workout different so I don’t get bored! We do some gym work together but again Martin makes it fun – a world away from when I first started going on my own. We get on very well with lots of banter – always make each other laugh during the training – which makes it fun.

After 6-7 weeks of being with Martin I had lost 7 kg which I was extremely pleased about! I then went on holiday, had the Christmas break as well as many work trips and I maintained the loss! It’s now September of 2016 & I’ve lost over 1.5 stone in Body fat & increased lean muscle mass 😄


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