Lost 3kg (6% fat loss)
Fat Loss: Lost 3kg (6%)

Gemma’s Story

After the birth of my fourth child I decided that I really wanted to focus on me by getting healthy and understand the benefits of exercising.  I was also really keen to be educated about the right foods to eat, when best to eat them and why I was eating them.  Martin has certainly helped me to achieve this goal – I’m now drinking more water than ever before and making the right food choices.

I never wanted to cook from scratch as I was under the disillusion that good food took longer to prepare and I am time-poor. With Martin guiding me, I now have three recipe books and I enjoy using them every day.

Like most people I get bored easily of the same workouts but now I exercise 4-5 times a week and understand the importance of mixing up my training – not just to avoid getting bored but also get the benefits of different exercise types.

Martin is always contactable if you need any help or guidance. In the beginning I was messaging him every day and never felt like a pain. On the flipside if he doesn’t hear from you, he will check in to see how you are and what you’re up to help make sure you’re not going to fall of the wagon.  At times I have started to relax but he pulls you back into the zone with encouragement and keeps you focused.

After having children, I never thought I would be able to feel good in myself and wear those jeans you keep with the hope that you will fit back into one day.  In just a few months with Martin, I don’t feel like the tired, uncomfortable, unhealthy mum of 4.  I have more energy and feel so confident in myself. And I can fit into the old jeans… and lots of new ones too!


gemma BEFORE


gemma AFTER

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