Nutrition Advice

You are what you eat! It’s true and when you want to change how your body looks, improve your fitness and generally just feel better – you need to focus on your eating habits as well as exercise.

We take you through a 4 step process for you to succeed with getting your nutrition on track.


Evaluate & Assess

We’ll review your food diary and introduce adjustments by providing you with a tailored eating plan which takes into account your likes and dislikes. We understand that it’s gradual change and new habit creation that leads to great results.

We’ll work on implementing one new habit in week one and watch the ripple become a wave. Change must be achievable and sustainable.


Educate & Provide

We help you to understand the do’s and don’ts of nutrition this includes a specific session where we look at your nutrition in depth.

Complete your own Supermarket Sweep to highlight hidden sugars in everyday food which are often considered the healthy option. You will be amazed at what you discover. We’ll also work on adopting the Body By King habits.

This combined with a host of online recipes for all the Body By King family and recommended reading and cook books.


Monitor & Nurture

Every six weeks we’ll review how things are going which will include completing a food diary and a habits questionnaire. It’s important to keep an on eye on nutrition so our food choices don’t become routine and boring or that we don’t gradually relax our mindset.

Your food diary is essential to help keep on track and helps us evaluate where you are at. We can highlight patterns, habits – both good and bad, how food affects your mood and workouts and much more.


Re-evaluate, Adjust & Praise

It’s important that we keep your goal central to everything we do and we regularly re-evaluate and adjust where needed to ensure you’re hitting your targets!

If something’s not working we’ll look for alternatives until we find what works for you.  There really is no magic pill or one size fits all program. Body By King is 100% tailored to you throughout the entire process.

We celebrate every victory whether it be a new good habit, lb of fat loss or a personal best…

Some Recommendations

Stay Hydrated with Water & Herbal Teas
Eat Clean Unprocessed Food
Feed Your Muscles With Protein
Remember Supplements Such As Omega 3

Recipe Ideas

It’s important not to get stuck in a rut with food which is why we provide a host of ideas for meals, snacks and treats.

Group Support

The Body By King family have access to a private Facebook Group which provides great support and is a continual stream of ideas for new clean eating ideas.

Nutrition Focus

Burning Fat
Building Muscle

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