Join in with Martin & experience Bootcamp, Skiip or Body Cross.

All classes vary in size & style however they all have one thing in common, there fun. To learn more get in contact below.

Burn the fat and feed the muscle.

Bodybyking Classes

Skiip –  Tuesdays: 6pm – 6.45pm – Racquets fitness centre

Skip your way fit to upbeat music before slamming the abs. Skiip Suitable to all levels & abilities,  so don’t worry if you can’t skip.

BodyCross – Fridays: 6:00 – 7:00 at The Place

BodyCross is Martins take on the hugely popular Crossfit. You’ll sweat & learn to dig deep. BodyCross is a small group training class (Max 5 people)

BodyCross is for all ages and abilities, so go on give it ago

Bootcamp – Saturday: 10am – 10.45am Southern Road Wreck

Inspired by the creators of Metafit the original Hiit workout with a hint of Insanity. Bootcamp brings big lifts into the circuit platform get hands on with battle ropes, kettlebell & sandbags not forgetting plyo boxes & slam balls.  Blitz up a sweat in 20 mins. Walk away knowing you’ve smashed it.

You’ll workout with a friendly bunch, so don’t stress your ability all sessions can be modified to suit.

Your only competition is you!

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