Martin's Journey

Hi, I’m Martin King Personal Trainer & founder of Body by King.

Having trained for over 10 years in the fitness industry & been privileged enough to work under some of the best and most respected UK & International fitness professionals, I’m able to help people “you” become  fitter, happier and healthier lives.

Career Start

For many years I worked in the hospitality industry where late nights, indulgence and partying were the norm. As i matured I realised that it wasn’t the life that I wanted to lead – lack of sleep, eating poorly and drinking too much left me feeling continually tired and depressed over time I began to feel hollow and unfulfilled.

My saviour was my appreciation for fitness and the enjoyment I gained from training. It was time to escape re-evaluate and regroup! I decided to go travelling and it was during this time that I realised I wanted more for myself & my family. I wanted to help people.

So my journey began. I trained, studied and slept & before i knew it my personal training career had started. I also became an on call fireman. A position i still hold today.

My Philosophy

I firmly believe that embracing fitness, training and nutrition into your life style provides boundless rewards. Alongside transforming your body by losing body fat and building lean muscle, you gain inner strength and real sense of fulfilment.

Most importantly life is about balance – work hard, commit to your goals but also remember to have fun and allow yourself time to relax.
For real results we need to create a lifestyle that is for forever and not just a short term change.

Live a healthy life that’s sustainable, live a life that you are fully engaged in and enjoy the journey!

I believe that life is for living.
You can live a healthy life that’s sustainable and enjoy the journey!

Vital Stats

Years experience in the health & fitness industry
Level 4 personal trainer - the highest you can get!
Decision it all it takes. And it's yours to take...


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