Post Workout Carbohydrates: My favourite five

My top five post workout carbs to stay Anabolic
When your weight training, carbohydrates are as important as proteins, in the quest for building muscle.

More specifically pre/intra-workout carbs will aid your performance & post workout carbs switch you from a post workout catabolic “muscle breakdown” state to an anabolic “Muscle building” state, set for recovery & growth.

After a weights session our glycogen stores will be depleted, to what extent comes down to you & the workout content. Generally speaking glycogen will need to be replenished, a good rule of thumb is consume between 20-30g, more if your heavier with greater muscle mass.

Now as i’m sure your aware we can split carbs into two sub groups Simple “fast release” & Complex “slow release”

Ninety nine percent  of the time complex carbs are the go to for managing blood sugar levels & minimising fat deposition however post workout we need our macro’s quickly ergo simple’s best for quick release & absorption.

When choosing your post workout carbs stick to the following simple rules

  1. It must be low in fructose.
  2. It should be high in glucose
  3. Ideally high in nutritional value

My favourites include Pineapple, rice cakes, White rice, Kiwi, Dextrose or Maltodextrin.

Note that it is important to have your carbs alongside a fast digesting protein such as whey isolate as both work synergistically to optimise repair. Play around and find out what works for you!

Feed the muscle, Burn the fat.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer