Why aren’t i losing weight?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions within the fitness industry.

Why aren’t I losing weight?

I get it pretty much with every new client,  both new to the gym and new to eating the Pn way.

Here’s a list of the most common reasons.

  1. It’s muscle weight: When you start eating nutritiously dense foods & hitting the free weights your likely to pack on some muscle & improve composition. At Bodybyking we, weigh, measure, take photo’s and ask the question “how do you feel” If the scales are suggesting weight gain but the trousers feel loser & the inches are falling off then happy days.
  2. Your over consuming calories:  If  your still feeling bloated & after assessment there’s little to no improvement chances are your over consuming or maintaining weight. Your portions may be to big or your overconsuming at the weekends undoing your weekday efforts. Get tracking either in the portal or on paper 7 days for a total overview.
  3. Outside of fitness your living a sedentary life: You may be smashing 3 classes a week & visiting the gym a few times unfortunately if during the rest of the time your sitting in the car, at the desk or on the sofa your just not moving enough. So get up & get active aim for 10’000 steps at a minimum. If your now thinking I have no time or where do I start get in contact and ask about habits for effective body transformation.
  4. You lack consistency: You can’t expect change to occur overnight, be patient. Real life change takes time and  getting awesome results takes dedication. Don’t commit weekend nutritional suicide stay focussed & stick to at least the five Pn principles to fat loss.

Warning awesome results may lead to antisocial behaviour, joking……not joking!


So before you give up on healthy eating, ask yourself  this  “how do I feel” if your feeling great chances are your bodies healthier, fitter, stronger & leaner.  Stay the course and you’ll get to the promised land

Martin King Bsc Pn1