Pre and post workout nutrition

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition for Mass Gain

Pre & Post Workout nutrition for Muscular growth and development

In my experience clients are great with the physical aspect of building muscle yet the nutritional side tends to lack consistency & focus.

The bottom line is muscle tears in the gym but repairs in the kitchen & grows whilst we sleep, so why do we underestimate the importance of both pre and post workout nutrition, supplementation and rest?

The following is a basic timeline you should follow when trying to build muscle.

6:00 am

Pint of water with a squeeze of lime with a serving of Omega 3 on the side.

Bodybyking Shake including chocolate/Vanilla whey isolate, spinach, oats, banana, water & a shot of espresso + 5g of creatine if required.

8:00am: Workout –  Consume Bcaa & Dextrin if intensity demandsit  & plenty of H2o.

9:00am Post workout shake, including whey isolate & water + 5g of creatine if required & a fist of Pineapple or any other fast release carbohydrate for muscle glycogen replenishment.

11:00am Post workout meal: Scrambled eggs, Grilled Tomatoes, turkey sausages on wholewheat + a pint of water

1:00pm Chicken, Bacon & asparagus with Spelt Pasta and a touch of Pesto + a pint of water

3:00pm Tuna & salad pitta with homemade mayo + a 1/2 pint of water

5:00pm Chicken, sweetcorn with homemade mayo stuffed in a pitta bread + a 1/2 pint of water

7:00pm Sirloin steak with sweet potato & well seasoned broccoli followed up with a Skyr high protein yogurt + 1 pint of water.

9:00 – 11:00pm Casein shake with milk  + wholewheat toast and a touch of honey if Macro’s permit to help sleep or a ZMA supplement.

In order for you to increase muscle mass you have to be in a calorie surplus therefore according to your weight, height, activity level and age, portion sizes will vary. Rather than using scales take a photo every other week and monitor your progress if your size remains the same up your portions.

You can’t buy a magic pill, only consistency & effort will lead to greater gains.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer