Infused water

10 ways to stay Hydrated

Most fitness professionals will recommend increasing water intake to roughly 2 ltrs a day more if your training. The reason being to ensure your body functions to full potential, this includes regulating body temperature, removal of toxins, efficient digestion, increased stamina & fat metabolisation……  The problem we have is water can be boring and its easy to forget when life’s hectic.

Here’s 10 simple steps to hydration

  1. Stagger your pint’s to first thing, before every meal, during training and before bed.
  2. Buy a 6 pack and scatter them around your home and at work.
  3. If your not keen on the taste infuse some fruit. Infused water is super fashionable right now it will brighten every glass and supercharge your h2o with a vibrant hit of Vit C.
  4. Minimise your caffeine intake to 1 coffee or tea a day to reduce diuretic implications. The more caffeine we consume the more we wee! Therefore you’ll need more H20.
  5. Get four servings of veggies and a portion of fruit in each day. Food contains water especially veggies like celery, cucumber and water melon.
  6. Use a tracking app that beeps every 3-4 hours to help remind you.
  7. Add some sparkle. Sparkling water is just a little more interesting then regular tap water be mindful  shop bought fruit infused waters like evian fuit infused is loaded with sugar!
  8. Have a Bodybyking shake every morning rather than sugar rich cereals. Shakes can give you a real boost in hydration. Use thin skinned fruit, spinach and a good portion of protein.

Thats some Quality H2o!
— The Water Boy