Tool Box

The Supercharge Toolbox

Performing the same old routine can get boring and stale. Supercharge your  workouts with this toolbox & smash through plateaus

  • Drop sets: A drop set is performed immediately after a primary  exercise, rest no longer than 10 seconds and hit a weight less than your primary weight. If your training in a progressive manner start with a singular drop and as you mature in experience drop a second or third time to maximum fatigue. If your carrying out multiple exercises in the same muscle group save your drop set for the final exercise otherwise you’ll hinder performance on successive lifts.


  • Forced reps: Forced reps recruit other muscles to assist an exhausted primary. An example of which is the Barbell curl. It will get to the point where you can no longer maintain form so you’ll intentionally swing to recruit the lower back to assist the lift. Practise caution forced reps are for experienced lifters only & even then a forced rep should still be safe.


  • Negative reps: Negative reps can only be performed with a spotter. Once you have exhausted the concentric contraction “muscle shortening phase” have a spotter lift for you then work the negative “muscle shortening phase” to exhaustion.


  • Down the rack: Down the Racks a great finisher. Take the heaviest weight you can lift with good form do as many reps as possible then drop the weight, repeat until you’ve hit the base plate or bar. Great for maximum pump!


  • Isometric holds: With Every rep pause for a minimum of 2 seconds at the top and bottom of the rep. This increases muscle time under tension which will stimulate greater hypertrophy. You can also try three stage isometrics by pausing in the middle.


  • 10 second Negatives: 10 second negatives are a killer, great for tearing those microfibres. Go super slow on your downward/lengthening phase “10 seconds” then explode on the positive. Great for power and hypertrophy.


  •  Blood flow restriction: Now blood flow restrictions not for everyone as you can look abit of a numpty with tourniquet around your arms or legs.  The process is simple restrict flow away from the muscle to create greater pump & muscular trauma. It’s limited to the limbs but feels brilliant.


  • Pre-exhaust: Exhaust your stabilisers to put greater stress on your primary muscle. So exhaust the triceps before hitting the chest.


Now’s the time to become more, make each rep count, be in control & feel every contraction.

Your stronger than you think

Martin king Bsc Pn1