Pain in the bum & Tingly Toes, do I have sciatica? 

There’s a pesky little gripe that few know or understand, his name is Periformis, he can be found deep in your butt below the glute max, both to the left and right side.

Normally the Perifomis helps to rotate the hip however when in spasm can cause symptoms similar to sciatica, this may include tingling down the leg towards the knee & toes, back pain or numbness in the bum.

This tingling is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve as shown in the image below. The sciatic nerve shown in yellow.

Periformis and the sciatic nerve


You’ll find that Periformis syndrome is at its worst first thing, after being seated for to long or whilst walking or running.

Always seek medical advice before self diagnosis. The benefit of knowing about perifomis syndrome is that it’s easily fixed.

With a little rolling the right way we can stretch the muscle and ease nerve compression. For treatment drop me an Email or call.

Martin King Bsc Pn1