Gym Mistakes realised

3 Common Gym Mistakes

Recognise the most common gym mistakes & maximise your gym potential!

1.Lifting too heavy & swinging. Lighten the load you should be able to perform the majority of reps with strict form. Focus on the target muscle/s. If towards the end of your final set you decide to carry out a series of forced reps, go ahead as long as it’s safe. You shouldn’t be losing a neutral spine whilst lifting from the floor or over arching the back with over head lifts. Safety first!!


2. Going through the motions. Before you even step into the gym get focussed, visualise the intensity, aim to give it your best. Know your previous pb’s and attempt to beat them. Attack your routine & force your body to adapt. Staying within the comfort zone will lead to little to no improvement.


3.Training without a Goal. Are you looking to build muscle, gain power, burn body fat, increase strength…..? Every goal has certain training parameters specific to you and your body type, if your not sure ask your trainer, ask me! It’s common place in the gym to see the skinny guy looking to build muscle thrashing out too much cardio or the skinny fat “dedicated” twice daily mum doing a million reps at light speed trying to build muscle. So know your goal and get guidance you could be progressing today!

Martin King Bsc Pn1