Tips For Muscle Growth Aka “Hypertrophy”

 Top Tips for Serious Muscle Hypertrophy.

  1. Time Under Eccentric Tension – Don’t rush your reps, take your time. especially in the lengthening phase. For the more experienced gym goer, stop and hold the weight. This is known as in isometric contraction. Isometrics are great for creating further micro-tears in the muscle fibres.
  2. Eat plenty of the right stuff – When your building you’ve got to eat, however keep it wholesome & highly nutritious, otherwise you’ll pack on unwanted body fat, not all calories are created equal. To get your required calorie intake & body type specific macro split give me a call.
  3. Rest & Recover – Sometimes less is more Resting is when we grow & recover from exercise. As we age we need more rest between sessions. In your 20’s a 5 day split works great however when you hit your 30’s & 40’s you’ve got to give yourself more time. So train smart for optimal results.
  4. You can’t build what you can’t feel – It’s always been a party trick of mine to move my Pec’s “boobs” independently, It always gets a giggle, less so in my 30’s. This display is an indication of good mind to muscle control. when your training, practise this method with every exercise. If your working your biceps you should be able to feel them contract and stretch. If you can’t the weight may be to heavy or too light so play with the weight until you find optimal contraction. Then watch the guns grow. Same with the butt, if you can’t squeeze it, it won’t develop. Sometimes you may need to implement some muscle activation techniques.
  5. Have a Progressive plan – Entering the gym with little or no plan can be both a waste of time and detrimental to progress. Have a plan, a plan that gets steadily, progressively harder. Record your performance and try to improve week on week. Don’t forget to add a recovery week every 6 for maximum recovery.

Know what your going to achieve before you step into the ring.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer