Top tips for dealing with joint inflammation

If you’re feeling pain or discomfort caused by inflammation in your joints remember to use the PRICE method for 12-48 hours…

Protect:  by stopping the activity immediately to avoid further damage

Rest: to prevent further damage and minimise inflammation

Ice: for 48 hours to help reduce inflammation and swelling. Each ice session should last no longer than 7 minutes. Give yourself 10 minute rest in-between session to prevent ice burn. Re-apply 6-8 times a day.  I use a bottle chiller or  frozen peas / sweet corn. As long as it’s cold and can mould to the arm – you’re onto a winner

Compress: to reduce swelling. You can use special compression socks or use a tight fitting sock cut at the end and folded on itself

Elevate: to reduce blood flow and swelling

If your problem persists consult with your GP.

We repeat what we don’t repair.