My Journey to the London Marathon by Sasha White

My Journey By Sasha White

We moved to the area in the summer of 2013 and looked for a personal trainer. We chose Martin because of his smile on his website on the assumption that he did not look like a complete psycho!

My son [who was 16 at the time] and I started to see Martin regularly from October 2013. Martin simply transformed both of us. His attitude is that with commitment and courage anything can be done.

Up till that point my gym sessions were probably at 20% of my actual capacity as Martin has subsequently shown me. He encouraged to set myself targets and I started by doing the swimming leg of the Blenheim Triathlon over 750 metres in the summer of 2014.

I also started running mainly in the gym and then with Martin in our sessions. I had previously had 4 knee operations including 2 ACL reconstructions and had problems with my knees constantly.

On a whim I entered the London Marathon in April 2015 much to Martin’s surprise. I started by entering a 5K in St Albans in June, the 10K Aylesbury race in August and then the Oxford Half marathon in October which I did in 2 hours 33 minutes. Then I stepped up my training and went for a final run with Martin a week before the marathon of 22 miles.

On Sunday 24 April I lined up in the red zone of the London Marathon. I managed to run for the first 18 miles constantly so did 3.45 running without a break. Then I developed a stitch and had an asthma attack but nothing was going to stop me finishing and I did in 5.53.

I was a bit disappointed not to finish more quickly but was very proud of finishing.

I could not have done this whole journey without Martin…. He has always pushed me. He has always badgered me to test myself and not accept second best. He has always been utterly reliable and constant and become a great friend to my son and myself.

I cannot endorse him strongly enough. He has turned an overweight, pessimistic 48 year old with bad knees into a marathon runner. It has been a great journey and I could not have travelled it without him. It is simple as that. I am also certain this is just the start!

Fitness is not about being better than someone else…  IT IS ABOUT BEING BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer