Five top fitness apps

There are literally millions of applications out there but here are my top five picks which I’ve found to be the most useful during training.

  1. Jefit – This is an awesome app which I use to track most BodybyKing routines. It monitors rest periods, provides teaching points with every exercise and gives me a cracking platform to share plans with members of the BodyByKing family
  2. Runtastic Pro – If you’re a runner you have to check this out. It’s my favourite by far – simple and effective and harnessing GPS to give accurate stats
  3. Interval Timer –  If you join the BodyByKing family you’ll be smashing out a few Hiit sessions and without the ability to set your timed intervals you’ll spend valuable time staring at the clock!
  4. Timer Diet – If you’re trying to build muscle or stay hydrated consistency is key. This app reminds you when it’s time to gulp some more water or each a meal/snack
  5. Macro Cal – Even though we don’t count calories at BodyByKing it’s important to gauge how much we should be eating to meet our goal, whether that be fat loss, maintenance  or muscle building. Macro Cal is simple to use and gives you a relatively accurate calorie and macro split specific to your goals
  6. Sugar Smart – I think it’s safe to say that we all know that there is sugar in chocolate but with the Sugar smart app you’ll realise that there is sugar hiding in many of our foods including everyday essentials such as sauces as well as specific foods marketed as health food. Become a BodyByKing sugar detective.

Strive for progress not perfection.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer