Know your body type & gain better results

If you want real results, you should eat and train according to your body type. Yes that’s right – it’s not one size fits all. Your body type will dictate your diet and training style!

How do you find out your body type?

Well it’s not that complicated – key body factors will give it away!

Take a close look at the pictures below.

The Endomorph aka “Big boned, The rugby build, slow metabolism”

Characteristics – Short limbs, pear shape, wide neck and head, large wrists, good at explosive sports like sprinting, shot putt, javelin, muscular, prone to putting on fat easily, big lifters, wide hips.

The Mesomorph aka “The model, The lucky one, The gifted”

Characteristics – Broad shoulders, low body fat, good muscular frame, good at most sports, V shape.

The Ectomorph aka “The Distance runner, Skinny, The hard gainer”

Characteristics – Lean build, long limbs, thin head and narrow shoulders, good at endurance based sports, thin wrists, can get away with eating anything without getting fat.


We can also have mixed traits and fall somewhere in the middle. For example I’m an Ectomorp/Mesomorph!

Now you know your Body Type, where do you go from here?

You can now get a handle on why we are the way we are. Suddenly our shapes make sense and you can maybe understand why you don’t see the same results as your training buddy who eats and trains exactly the same as you! It’s a bit of a light bulb moment….

I’m not saying an ectomorph can’t get fat or an endomorph can’t be thin because a poor diet which is high in sugar or regular overindulgence will impact us all however key nutritional and physical factors will help or hinder the body types differently. Check out my blog post which talks about specific training and nutritional tips for each body type.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else…  IT IS ABOUT BEING BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE.
— Martin King, Personal Trainer